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Ep 7: Audrey Assad
August 3, 2016 Christy Nockels

Hello and welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Today, you’ll get to hear some random thoughts around Sabbath and what that has meant to me lately both as a state of mind and literally physically learning how to HAVE as Sabbath each week. Having an actual Sabbath puts this whole “Bullseye living” thing in a whole new light! You’ll hear about our family putting it to practice this past Sunday…just a little glorious humor for your mundane today.

You’ll also hear about a little adventure that I recently embarked on with a couple of friends and how God showed up and surprised me in the sweetest way. And I’m also thrilled to play a song today on the podcast! I promise to do more of this in the future, including my own songs, but today you will get to hear what I think is one of the most beautiful songs ever! It was written by two friends of mine, Bryan Brown and today’s guest, Audrey Assad! Audrey is a singer, songwriter, worship leader, wife, mom and entrepreneur. She’s an independent artist like myself now but has recently started her own record label with her husband and is totally killing it. (Mom, that means she’s doing amazing!)

I hope you enjoy hearing her honesty and transparency about everything in her life but particularly about becoming a mom. It’s truly insightful and beautiful. If you didn’t know Audrey before this, I hope this makes you a fan! Enjoy!

Link to audreyassad.com


  1. Natalie Razavi 3 years ago

    Christy, your music has in so many ways, narrated my life with God and discipled me as a follower of Jesus. Your words and melodies have given voice to the realities in my heart that I haven’t always had words for-“Knees to the Earth,” “Grace Flows Down,” “Take my Life,” Who am I,” “Holy Roar,” “Mended,” “Healing is in your Hands,” and so many others.

    I listened to your conversation with Audrey today as I was watching my almost 10 year old climb the heck out of the Bouldering gym 🙂 You said that this season has been one of release for you, where you’ve felt encouraged by the Lord to use your voice in another way. It is such a GIFT, although not a surprise, to have begun listening to your podcast this summer, and to experience the same kind of kinship with you here as I have over the years in your music and worship leading. The timing of this podcast has been absolutely perfect, and a kiss to me from the Father this summer. Every conversation speaks straight to the center of what God is doing in my heart.

    Although, I’ve only ever met you briefly, you have been like a precious friend and sister on the journey, and I am so grateful you have chosen to use your voice, whatever the medium.

    With Love and Admiration,
    Natalie 🙂

  2. Kate Zimmerman 1 year ago

    I stumbled across your podcast recently and it has been a super encouraging addition to my seemingly mundane days of early motherhood (I have a three year old and a newborn!) I have listened to it while I wash dishes, nurse a baby, and drive around town with no place to go (just to enjoy a few minutes sipping coffee while the kids ride quietly in their carseats!)
    Thank you for your encouragement – for reminding me that there is still time. I also love that you said your dogs’ names were George and Brave. Our new daughter’s name is Georgia Brave! Haha.
    Kate Zimmerman

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