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Happy Mother’s Day – Holding You Together

By in Motherhood

A few years ago, I was given the unique privilege of leading a Mother’s Day gathering at our church in Atlanta, GA. That week I decided to sit down to try to write a song I could share that might capture how I feel about my own mother and all the other special women in my life who are mothers too…

Where to start? There was plenty to say and sing about my Mama…she’s the most merciful, kind, full of strength and dignity kind of woman…I could go on and on. I’ve called her “blessed” my whole life and singing it to her would be even more of a thrill. Then, there’s all the other mothers in my life…sister-in-laws, friends, mentors, beautiful women that God has blessed me with left and right. Each of them carrying what can sometimes seem like the weight of the world…yet they make it look so beautiful all the while.

There I sat, jotting down thoughts, blessings, prayers…such crazy-love and respect for all these ladies. Staring out the window, I tried out several different lyrics and melodies but could feel my eyes starting to get heavy. I entertained the thought that maybe I could just lay my head down for just a few minutes to get in a quick power nap. See, we mothers know that when given the rare moment to sit anywhere in the afternoon, the “motherload” simply catches up with you. I folded my arms across the piano keys and dropped my weary head into them…and that’s when I heard Him sing…

I see You, even though you think I don’t see you,
I see all your hard work, how you mend everything
But you don’t have to do that here…

I lifted my head…well, my Father did. I begin to play the notes and as I played, I sang. Eventually the singing turned to sobs with each word and note as they came together, literally in just a matter of minutes. It was a very rare moment in my songwriting life. God, the original singer (Zephaniah 3:17) started singing over me. He became the artist and He put the words in my mouth that every mama needs to hear, including this mama…

See I love you, even more than you know I love you
And sometimes I like to go to extremes just to show you
That I am ever with you now.
I see every sigh in the morning
I hear every cry in the night
And I hold all your prayers like incense before Me now…

I’m holding you together
I’m holding you together
Like glue and like mortar, every seam, every corner
My love covers you…

I know you, even more than yourself, I know you
‘Cause I’m the One who placed all those dreams in your heart
So you could bring Me glory…
I know what it’s like when you’re hurting
This labor of love that you choose,
But long before you were a mother, I labored for you…

I’m holding you together
I’m holding you together
Like glue and like mortar, every seam, every corner
My love covers you

And I am here for always,
I am here for always
Like a boat out on the water, headed for the harbor
With you in the storm…
I’m holding you together…
I’m holding you together…”

I realized that there was nothing to do in that moment but just receive it. I opened my heart and took in every word as a Mother’s Day gift over my own life. I also realized that it needed to be given away…a gift to mothers everywhere who might just need to hear today that God sees you, He loves you, He knows you, He’s with you and He’s holding you together…(Colossians 1:16-17)

So from one mother to another…

Happy Mother’s Day