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Ep. 2: Annie Downs: Looking for Lovely
Christy Nockels

Hello there beautiful people and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast!

I’m pleased to announce that today’s special guest is a new friend of mine, Miss Annie Downs. I’ve gotten to know her over the past few years as we’ve gotten to serve together on the platform but also because we have several mutual friends here in the Nashville area.

Annie released a book just this past April called Looking for Lovely. I read it while on a plane headed to the Cayman Islands, a getaway I take with close friends every year, and it was just what I needed to open my heart and mind to what God would have for me as I unplugged. Annie’s “voice” is just effortless to take in as a reader and that means a lot to me since I have attention span issues, ha ha. It was a joy to read and it made me think through some things that I had not thought through before. I always love it when I discover an age old truth for the first time or at least get the chance to think about it in a whole new way.

I’m grateful that Annie has been faithful to share her story. My opinion is that you can’t truly learn from someone unless they are being honest. Every good teacher or even storyteller has to incorporate enough transparency for the message to unfold in the way its intended. Annie was brave to do that and actually does that when you’re just chatting with her as well. It’s refreshing…

So here’s Annie and I at my kitchen table in Franklin, TN. Enjoy!


  1. Audrey Sackman 3 years ago

    I’m really excited for this podcast, and what better way to start out than with two of my favorite people – Christy and Annie…come on! I love it!! I was wondering, will this eventually be on itunes podcast to listen in the podcast app?

  2. Cory Lynne 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the encouragement in this podcast! Annie Downs, thank you for your honesty and the friendship you offer to sisters in the body! While I was listening, I downloaded Looking for Lovely on audiobook, so i can “cheat read” this week while we gear up for camp (I’m a youth pastor’s wife). I can hardly wait to dig in!
    Christy, the song Wonderful is one of my favorites of all you’ve ever written. And “Be Loved” ministered to my heart in ways too deep to describe in a few words. That album came out during a hard season of life for me…one of deep disappointment and much change where I was learning a new role in life. Your songs have been the soundtrack to my life for the past 17 years.
    Thank you again for this offering! I’m blessed by your care for ones like me.

  3. lisaeggebrecht 3 years ago

    Seriously addicted!!! What an authentic delivery of life breathing words. I seriously felt like I was sittin at the table with y’all… And quite frankly, jealous I wasn’t! Stalking… errr, I meant eagerly awaiting the next podcast!!!

  4. Angie 3 years ago

    Love!! Christy you have been one of my favorite artists for years now. Your song Choose was the first one to really dive deep into my heart and begin an endless journey of reevaluating things I say yes to. I always await your new albums, knowing there is so much meaning in each song. And I am truly thankful for your gentle, authentic nature that is poured into everything you do. Annie Downs is also a speaker I’ve heard through IF and then at momcon last fall and quickly fell in love with her humor and authenticity. Loved Looking for Lovely! Thank you for sharing this message with all of us – a message that so many of us yearn to live out. God Bless.

  5. Gr8fulLady Amy 3 years ago

    So grateful you are feeling led to do these podcasts, Christy. Just got around to begin listening tonight. You gals spoke some beautifully affirming words and truths to me particularly, and I’m so very grateful how God has partnered with you to encourage me forward in these things He’s been stirring and speaking in my heart and life. Thank you! Both you and Annie have been so much part of my God journey and story so far, and you continue to be. I do feel as if you are my friends 🙂 (elbow to Annie) I’m grateful and I pray for you ladies as you encourage, inspire and bless so many of us Ladies in Christ. Blessings and Love in Christ ~ Amy

  6. Jessica Calvarese 12 months ago

    I am so thankful for your podcasts! God has been waking me up early the past few mornings and I have taken advantage of it by listening to your podcasts. They really apply so perfectly to what my life has bee like lately. I feel like I could probably comment the same thing over and over on each podcast! I recently started doing school at home for my 10 and 8 year old boys. We changed churches, causing me to no longer be serving in the ministry that I had been for about 2 years. The mundane kind of snuck up on me! I didn’t realize why I was so unhappy. I’m so thankful that God has brought me these podcasts to help me during this time in my life. To help me bring the glorious into the mundane! Thank you SO much!

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