To Burn and Yet To Fly

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it’s this… We don’t fully “arrive”… not this side of glory anyway….

Do we mature from being spiritual younglings to dining on the richest of truths, yes, prayerfully. Do we climb mountains and reach summits, absolutely. But all in all, there is no next big thing, just lots of small steps of faithfulness in the same direction.

There are no new truths under the sun, only those from the ancient paths, if we choose to walk in them. (Jeremiah 6:16) The deep mystery that is God needs nothing and lacks nothing but we are wise and even invited to draw near.

There is no amount of married bliss that will take you, beautiful single woman or single man, to the next level. Besides, marriage is more about just picking the person you want to come with you on the journey..or the ride I should say…so many twists and turns, lowest of lows, highest of highs. And know this…you can trust that God knows when you’re ready to add someone to the mix.

On the flipside…there is no amount of singleness, Mr. & Mrs. Frustrated, that could return you to some former, happy state. There are deep secrets and beautiful treasures just around the corner of pushing through maybe the hardest thing you’ve ever pushed through in your marriage…and on and on it goes.

There is no level of “when I get to this point or that place”, we just have today. This moment right now, yet in it, deep can call unto deep as you go from glory to glory. So it’s not one big celebration one day where you declare, “I’ve arrived!” Rather, it’s hundreds of thousands of tiny moments that say, “today I abide.”

“God set a certain day, calling it “Today”. This He did a long time later when He spoke through David saying, ‘Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.’ ” (Hebrews 4:7)

As long as it is called “today” you can enter His rest. “But I’m heartbroken”, you say. “I’m suffering”, you cry. This may be so, but it doesn’t render you ineffective. It doesn’t sideline you…it’s actually quite the contrary.

“There is suffering in the light; an excess burns. Flame is hostile to the wing. To burn and yet to fly…this is the miracle of genius. “ – Victor Hugo

I can’t help but think…ah, the Refiner’s Fire. It’s inevitable. But it wasn’t meant to ground you, my friend. It is meant to consume anything that might hold you down. To burn up anything that would keep you from being your freest form of free. Free of sin that entangles you and any idol that blinds you. You might be ablaze with hardship but you choose to fly anyway… You take flight right in the face of any voice that lies and any thief that steals.

And right in that moment of faith, in comes the updraft of the Father’s faithfulness.
This grabs the attention of a weary world. Even the believers marvel, not only in how you’re getting along but how you seem so peaceful, gliding there with wings outstretched. It took great courage to open up and now look…you rest as He does the hard work of holding you up.

I’ll never forget a refining season that I walked through a few years ago right when I was slated to be writing a record. I feared that I was too broken and wounded to write. My dear friend Beth Moore told me by text one day, “Christy, you’ll write these new songs right out of the soil of this hardship”.

She was right. In fact, she assured me that there’s a detectable authenticity and honesty that comes from us being who God made us to be and doing what He’s called us to do, right in the middle of the fire. I think some of you know exactly what I mean. We burn and fly cleaner, purer and brighter somehow and the pain seems oddly glorious.

So, wherever you are today… If you hear His voice, lean in and listen and let your heart fall soft. Surrender. He can be trusted, even in the fire. In fact, He’s in it with you. Burn AND fly, friend. I’ll be marveling at you from here.