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Ep 11: Mini Me
September 21, 2016 Christy Nockels

Hello and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane! Today you’re going to experience what I have affectionally been calling a “Mini Me” – that means today is a shorter episode and it’s just me! As I shared on the episode a few weeks ago, this is kind of my book at this point in my life! I have stories that I’d love to to share from life, marriage, motherhood, ministry and I figure, why not? I think it’s a gift that we can spread Truth and our Jesus stories around for all to hear and I want to take full of advantage of it!

Today you’ll hear me share more about living from your our true selves and what it means for us and honestly, what it means for other people around us! You’ll hear the story behind a song very near and dear to my heart called “For Your Splendor”. I pray that you are encouraged right where you are today to live from your true self…even the broken places of your story…so that you might see others! You have so much more to offer than you even realize!

Enjoy and have a glorious day!



  1. Cari Mahan 1 year ago

    So amazing that God led me to you! Your podcast speaks right to my heart:) I am a mom of two boys ages 19 and 16, a pastor’s wife going on 24 years, and a worship leader/music director. I get so lost in reading the parent of teenagers books, listening to podcasts and reading blogs about leading churches and being in ministry that I lose me in all of that. My spirit jumps when I go to my podcast subscriptions and its Tuesday and you have taken the time to pour into my soul yet again….God is using you mightily! I can so relate to all aspects of this podcast in particular. God bless your mama’s heart! My husband and I have pastored 6 churches now in his 25 plus years of service. We have moved our kids three times and know the sting of being the “new kids on the block” in so many different settings. We continue to be amazed as God prepares each of our hearts for His service. God bless you today and know that you are reaching many with your beautiful, perfectly scripted words!

  2. Angie 1 year ago

    Christy – For years God has been working through you to speak truth, whisper grace, and breathe encouragement into my soul. First through your music & now through these podcasts. A sweet friend of mine & I share a special love for the song “For Your Splendor” that you spoke on in this episode. While I won’t go into depth of just how much this has and continues to speak to both of us, I will share this: This song and it’s meaning meant so much to both of us. My dear friend is a pastor’s wife. This couple would teach us so much in their time leading at our church – giving us the first glimpse of authentic faith & challenging us to dive deep into God’s word. Sadly our church went through a long pruning season & her husband would accept new pastor position that would move them from West Virginia to Wyoming – moving her miles and miles from me. We both, without having any idea that the other was doing it, would find meaningful gifts to share with each other on our last evening together. Both gifts would be a reminder of “For Your Splendor!” She gifted me a beautiful tree necklace, with roots exposed. I get compliments every time I wear it & at times get to share the meaning behind it. She also got one for herself, so that we both could be reminded of God and each other each time we wear them. I had a friend draw a picture for her – a tree with exposed roots standing beside a stream of water, with lyrics from For Your Splendor written on it. In God’s beauty and grace, He would continue to grow our friendship through these last years even though the miles separate us. Also in His perfect way, He would lead me to your podcast & I would share it with her. Now we text back and forth after each episode. I have the blessing to come to a conference that you will be leading worship next month & I am beyond excited. I write all of this to say Thank You – Thank you for listening to God, for inspiring so many women across the world, for genuinely speaking from the depths of your heart and soul, and beautifully shining a light in this world. Thank you for simply being you.

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