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Ep 17: Nathan Nockels
Christy Nockels

GITM #17: Nathan Nockels

Welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Today to celebrate #thethrillofhope Release Day I’m interviewing a very special guest! Hands down, this is my favorite guest, and well, my favorite person in the world! My husband, best friend and brilliant musician/producer, Nathan Nockels! Listen in as we talk marriage, music, life. I hope it encourages you in many ways today!!

You’ll hear kind of how we got started writing and making music together and you’ll hear how we have grown in it together through the years.

Nathan is the producer behind probably some of your favorite songs and you didn’t even know it… “10,000 Reasons” by our friend @mattredmanmusic and many of the @passion268 albums through the years and another favorite, “Blessings” by @laurastorymusic … just to name a few. From our home to yours, enjoy!

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  1. E Haley 3 years ago

    <3 Can I tell you that I have a similar problem? I tear up at random awkward moments, too. I feel like people thing I'm nuts when it's happening!
    I also need to share that as I was listening to Wrap This One Up, I had this thought: I (and you) am a modern day shepherd in a time of hired herdsmen. I have felt such a responsibility to be the one teaching (homeschooling), shepherding my daughter, teaching her about life and the Lord, and everything. She is ALWAYS with me, watching everything I say and do. More and more people around me have outsourced that role and those responsibilities. Anyway, I can go on and on, but I had a moment when your song came on where I realized why those shepherds were chosen in that field that day. And why we were chosen for our respective children.

  2. DrummerAshly 3 years ago

    How is it that every single podcast I listen to brings me to tears? It’s astounding how God always stirs in my heart through sharing your life…He has anointed you with such peace, truth and depth of His love that pours out of you. I am so thankful God led me to your podcasts the beginning of this past summer.
    That little note at the end about the Hebrew name for “give” made me cry…simply by reminding me how dearly our Father loves each of us in unique ways and will go to great lengths to show us that love.

  3. Kathy Holguin 3 years ago

    Your podcasts are such a huge blessing to me. Thank you. In this podcast and some of the other ones with Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin you talk about certain songs that are “God breathed” songs (my paraphrase) and throughout my Christian journey, there have been a few artists who seem to be able to join in the heavenly singing that is going on now in heaven. Twila Paris was one and Watermark was and you two are now too. The one song from Watermark “All Things New” – the radio version ending every single time always sounded like a heavenly chorus but I’ve never been able to find it to purchase it anywhere. Any suggestions? Also, do you know where I can find a copy of Sons and Daughters ” cs’s? I found Holy Roar but I can’t find the other. Thanks for everything. It’s my privilege to pray for you!

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