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Ep 21: 2016 Wrap Up
Christy Nockels

Welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast! This is the last podcast of 2016 and what a year it has been!! Some of you are ready to kiss it goodbye…some of you are savoring every last moment! Either way, listen in as I sort of take us back to how this podcast even began this year, in that “bullseye” space with Jesus… We’ll reflect together on the year and talk about what it looks like to physically HIDE for a few days as the year ends…but also how to stay in that hidden place with Jesus, even when you emerge into 2017! And, if you haven’t heard #thethrillofhope (My new Christmas album) you’ll get to enjoy a song from it! Merry Christmas everyone! Love to you and yours!


  1. Taunya Todd 3 years ago

    Christy…I am so grateful for your podcasts. Listening to each one has felt like a hug of encouragement from the Lord. Hearing the stories from you and your guest about marriage, ministry, and parenting are like a whisper from God reminding me there are others who are walking a similar path. Most of all, I appreciate that you share from the perspective of being a singer/songwriter. I love when you have to stop and explain yourself to the listeners who are not. It makes me giggle…in an “I got it!” kind of way.

    I enjoy listening to authors share what they have learned about Jesus, but hearing from a musician…that brings a twist my heart was desperate for. As a singer/songwriter myself your podcast has filled a void in my devotional life that I didn’t even know was there till your podcast came along. Thank you for being obedient to His calling on your life…it has been a blessing that encourages me in mine!

    On a side note…I lead worship this New Year’s Day and we had chosen “Waiting Here For You” as part of our set. One of our pastors prayed before we began to sing and said the word…mundane. It made me smile, though that little word may not have struck anyone else…it did me. I knew how you use the word in your ministry and that we were about to sing one of your songs. As this new year begins, I am starting to feel the use of that word in the moment was not only significant to me but FOR me and I am praying to understand it’s full significance.

  2. Leslie Stewart 3 years ago

    I just wanted to let you know that even though I’ve been listening to these podcasts waaaayyyy later than you originally posted them, each one has been just the right word for me at just the right moment- clearly something only God can do! They have been so life-giving and such a source of Godly encouragement as I’m working through some tough things that have my heart so very raw. I just finished listening to the final one this morning (while standing at the sink hand-washing our dishes- our dishwasher is broken). I popped over to your site to see if you’d made any announcements about when another might be coming and lo and behold- I read about your broken+free event and you’re coming to my town in just a couple of weeks! A little gift from God to me. I’m confident this will be another sweet way God is using your voice (and the voice of your many friends/guests) in this important journey I’m on. Just wanted to encourage you that the podcasts you’ve already finished are continuing to minister on. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Delacey Riley 3 years ago

    I want to echo the comment below about being way behind in listening to the podcasts but also how God has used this to speak to me at the exact time I needed to hear it. I have so appreciated everything you’ve shared and taught, all of the scriptures and encouragement, and being able to hear the same from fellow believers who’s words, songs, or teachings I have admired. Thank you, Christy, for being willing to share your heart and encourage me over these last few months as I’ve folded laundry, sorted through toys, and put away Christmas decorations. You’ve helped bring some Glorious into the Mundane for me and given me words to share with my children, my friends, my bible study group, and to talk with the Lord about. I’m hoping there will be more coming soon. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  4. Keri Early 3 years ago

    Just went back and listened to this episode again. I’m at least one of the people that Christy mentioned when she said “I just think maybe someone out there needed to hear that right now.” Thankful first of all for the reminder that I need to keep being obedient and not be distracted by people around me who are “getting away with things I can’t get away with.” Although Christy’s thoughts and words have been so encouraging, it is God’s truth that she led us to in this podcast that has been transformative. Thank you to Christy for sharing her heart, but most of all for leading us to God’s word. Christy is an amazing worship leader, but she is also a gifted Bible teacher. Thankful for her ministry.

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