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Ep 22: Broken and Free
Christy Nockels

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to the glorious in the mundane podcast! This is my first episode back for 2017 and I’ll admit, it just took me a minute to get back in the flow. In fact, in this episode I just invite you into my process of sort of putting one foot in front of the other to even deliver this podcast today! I think sometimes we just forget what we are capable of and we end up keeping the creative process at bay or even just things we need to get done. I hope it encourages you right where you are that you have what it takes! Then, eavesdrop on a little “huddle” that happened at IF Gathering a few weeks ago about the #brokenandfreetour that @annvoskamp and @rebekahlyons are embarking on next week! We hope to see you there!

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What if there was an evening that’s like handing you keys to break free?

One night that’s a gift to you: to break you free from the fears, from the weight, from the pressure, from the stranglehold of all the things.

Think exhale. Think holy space. Think candles. Think more Jesus.

RebekahAnn and I, we’re so excited! Do we get to exhale relief & inhale breaking free with you?

I want to invite you to one night of worship and healing. One night to be reminded that God binds our broken hearts and sets the captives free.

Will you us as we hit the road on the Broken and Free Tour?

We’d love to meet you & live Broken Free

Tour Dates & Locations

No Events on The List at This Time


  1. Jennifer Furrey 3 years ago

    I absolutely needed this podcast. I feel inadequate in so many areas of my life right now. I’ve just taken on the role of being the interim worship leader for our church after our worship minister resigned. I have a music degree and have been on the worship team for a long time, but being the actual leader was not something I ever sought out and I don’t feel qualified enough. It’s a long story but I do believe God has me in this position to help. But I am a little overwhelmed by the responsibility. Anyway, this podcast helped me put a lot into perspective and I loved the end of ya’ll’s conversation…Jesus, please take what little I have and use it for your glory!

  2. E Haley 3 years ago

    You have NO IDEA how thrilled I was to see this episode pop up when I refreshed my podcasts on my iPhone! I have done this EVERY Thursday since Christmas. Haven’t finished the episode, but had to share my enthusiasm! Yayyyyy!!

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