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Ep 28: Peace! Be Still
September 27, 2017 Christy Nockels

It’s such an exciting week for me as it’s RECORD RELEASE WEEK! Today you’ll hear more about the heart cry of this record, Be Held, Lullabies for the Beloved, releasing this Friday. You’ll hear about the scripture that has been imbedded into it, as well as hear the song, “In The Whisper”, which was the first full song that I wrote for this record seven months ago. The chorus says, “So let the thunder roll and I won’t be afraid ‘cause You roll the thunder and let the rain beat hard upon my roof and I’ll dance to it’s rhythm and let the mighty wind blow between the oak trees, as I let You steady me…cause You’re right here in the whisper, of my heart.” We’ll study life’s storms a little bit today, how even right in the middle of the most turbulent times of our lives we can invite the Master of the storm to say, “Peace! Be Still”, to every beat of our heart. We can also invite Him to usher in a “good work” right inside of the storm, one that we can pray falls on good soil in our hearts. Hope you’ll join us! I’ll talk to you soon!


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  1. Stef Baranic 2 years ago

    Christy! Love your podcast—I was listening in on Season 2 episode 28 and you mentioned something near the end that I would love to find in the Bible but I can’t remember what you were referencing. You were talking about severing lies and cutting ties with those things that the devil uses to prohibit us from living the lives we are called to, You mentioned something from Sarah Haggarty’s book Unseen….talking about when Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus feet with perfume….and she was becoming her true self as she moved nearer to him. Is this just a quote or is this from scripture? I loved it and wanted to make sure I found it somewhere 🙂

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