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Ep 38: An Easter Invitation
March 28, 2018 Christy Nockels

An Easter Invitation

Once there was a cutting away and a grafting in, then…there must be an abiding.

Today you’ll hear about a little pear tree that once helped me preach the gospel and how I wasn’t even ready for how it preached the gospel to me! We’re going to pause from our regular Heart Postures series to get our hearts around the full invitation that is Easter! Honestly, this could have easily been one of our heart-postures, the heart that abides…but I wanted to give Easter its own moment. I needed it and I hope it’s meaningful to you too! We will all most likely be joining Good Friday celebrations and Sunday Services, even maybe a picnic on the lawn…but the beauty of the gospel, front and center for us today is that right from your steering wheel or as you hit the pavement for your morning walk, you can experience Easter…the glorious in the mundane style! I’ll talk to you soon! #thegloriousinthemundane


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  1. Chona V Saco 2 years ago

    Hello! Happy Easter!!!

    Your messages now as I listened to this podcast somehow enlightened me.

    You don’t know me but I am a believer of Christ.

    I have been through lots of disappointments whether in love life, family, friends, relationship and finding a job.

    I wanted to stay strong for the Lord is with me in times of difficulty.

    Thank you for these messages. Love it deeply!

    Chona, Philippines

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