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Ep 39: Postures of the Heart Part 4
Christy Nockels

A Grateful Heart

The posture of our heart cultivates the grateful heart. Worn like the smile of God across our life, this posture changes everything!

We’re going to get back into our Heart Postures series today with “The Grateful Heart”. As we’ve been learning, each posture prepares us or “readies” us for the next. So, it’s pretty amazing to think that if we’re not living from a grateful heart, if we’re just not feeling it, we can probably trace it back to find the missing link! Maybe it’s that we have not been receiving from the Lord what is truly ours to receive. Maybe we simply need to consecrate our hearts all over again today. Whatever it is, God has a way and it works and these heart postures are about living in that way. What I love is that while a heart of gratitude is cultivated by reflection and remembrance, once it’s formed in us, it births in us a contentment in our present! I’ll talk to you soon! #thegloriousinthemundane #beheld #howcouldiaskformore



  1. Anna Joujan 2 years ago

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/388f9992eb4957d01fcb1ab9a8041faea7a69af6bd29b8d80037f0225d463239.jpg Thank you for a beautiful accompaniment to my morning run this week. I so look forward to each episode of the podcast, knowing that it will fill my soul in an inexplicably beautiful fashion: somehow the words Christy speaks just cut to the heart, catching me off guard with the way they reach a spot that I didn’t know needed touching. This last episode made me enter my workday wearing the broad smile that Christy talked about . . . and the best part of it all was that I was here, “in the plains of Africa,” though my home roots are in Tennessee. Thanks for reaching us no matter where in the world we may be 🙂

  2. Chona V Saco 2 years ago

    Thank you for the talks Mommy Christy! I will call you Mom since you’re a mom yourself. Or Christy to call you, your name.

    Yes, I better say Thank You God though things are not going my way. I lost this and that but i keep moving on. Life is still good. I am good!

    I better start somewhere else and I surrender it all to God.

    I would gladly praise God whatever happens…

    Love you Christy and your beautiful family. God bless!

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