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Ep 4: Lauren Chandler
July 14, 2016 Christy Nockels

Hello and welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Today I’ll talk a little bit about the week we have just had in our nation – one we will never forget – I’m sure there are all kinds of prayers and songs rising up from the people of God over this but one that kept coming to my heart was a song that I wrote several years ago called “By Our Love”…

Brothers, let us come together
Walking in the Spirit
There’s much to be done
We will come reaching, out from our comforts
And they will know us by our love…

Sisters, we were made for kindness
We can pierce the darkness
As He shines through us
We will come reaching
With a song of healing
And they will know us by our love

The time is now,
Come Church arise
Love with His hands,
See with His eyes
Bind it around you
Let it never leave you
And they will know us by our love

Children, you are hope for justice
Stand firm in the truth now
Set your hearts above
You will be reaching
Long after we’re gone
And they will know you by your love…

I’m so grateful to say that my guest today is the beautiful Lauren Chandler. She is such a dear friend to me. Lauren and her husband Matt live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with their 3 children, 2 horses and 2 dogs, and Matt pastors The Village Church where Lauren regularly leads worship. Lauren is a wonderful woman, a lover of Jesus, a singer, songwriter and now author…but my favorite thing selfishly is that she’s my friend. Today you’ll get to hear how God intersected our lives at just the right moment about 14 years ago and how God used her in such a sweet way to change my life. Enjoy!


  1. Lauren Robertson 3 years ago

    I just want to say thank you for your podcast… it’s 4.26am and I’ve been listening as I nurse my baby. He’s back in bed now, but I’m still here, eating ice cream, listening and literally being filled up and encouraged as I listen to you and Angie talk. Hearing more about how the Lord brought you and your family off the road has really challenged me, as I have wrestled with letting a specific pursuit go during this season of motherhood. I don’t yet know what the Lord wants in this area, but what you said about fully trusting Him with our dreams and longings is stirring my heart and I’m going to be praying a lot about it. Thanks so much!

  2. Maria Turner 3 years ago

    This was so timely – as we too are in transition. Thank you both for your transparency. I love it when God speaks in ways that only He can. This makes we want to come visit. Miss our talks. Love you!

  3. brad illian 3 years ago

    That was incredibly powerful and I guess I would say surprising to hear that “half” of two of my “hero couples” (i.e., Nockels and Chandlers) have gone through periods of insecurity and doubt. At age 41 I’m finally learning to embrace (always a process) that I don’t have to be Chris Tomlin, Steven Curtis Chapman, or Nathan & Christy Nockels (although I loved working for you many years ago!) or preach like Matt Chandler to “be somebody.” Trying to be someone else and be “perfect” for so long nearly ruined me. It took God’s disciplining hand of grace to “knock me upside the head” to see that I am so blessed with what God has given me and gifted me to do. Thank so much to you both for your honesty and vulnerability!

  4. Jessica Daniel 3 years ago

    Yayyyy! Two of my favorites!!!!

  5. Becky Watson-Williams 3 years ago

    This spoke to my heart! Thank you both for your transparency. Lauren, my husband and I have listened to Matt for many years and have been able to visit the church a few times. Christy, I went to your church in Claremore many years ago (you were a kid). I’m so blessed to see you lovely women being a light for Christ. Thank you for the encouragement!!

  6. Jeff Cao 3 years ago

    I haven’t really listened to many Church/ Christian podcasts but I really enjoyed this one and just wanted to thank both of you for your honesty and being deeply personal to your story!

  7. Angie 3 years ago

    What a blessing to listen such beautiful souls! I love the fact that God has had me listening to/reading all of the amazing women you have invited onto your podcast & to know you are all friends is amazing. Each episode truly speaks to my heart and builds upon the message that spoke to you so many years ago – bringing the glorious into the mundane – it’s a message I continue to pray for and grow in. Thank you!

  8. Hollie Schlueter 3 years ago

    Wow, have these podcast breathed life into me. Thank you! They are so timely. I too am a wife, mother of 3, worship leader and songwriter. I just recently have stepped out in faith to record a song that has meant a lot to me and hoping it will help a lot of people as well. I was feeling the same way Lauren felt about hearing her voice and the weight of trying to make it all that I think God needs it to be (and all I want it to be). Then when I heard about the “bulls eye” and the reference to Psalm 37:4-6 all of the worry and weight lifted off of me. I realized if I DELIGHT MYSELF IN THE LORD with this song and with this process it will be all the Lord intended it to be. So simple, I delight and He provides! I’ve been so worried about missing “it” and all I need to do is delight in Him. I came home after listening to the podcast and wrote it on my wall (I’ve got a scripture wall in my kitchen with all our favorite scriptures). I’m going to continually point myself and my family to that when we start to worry about “our” plans failing. Thank you Lauren, for obeying the Lord and telling Christy about your vision. Thank you Christy for your sharing your heart with us. Thank you Jesus for friends I’ve not yet met. 🙂

  9. Wes 3 years ago

    I picked up Lauren’s book after hearing the podcast and am about half way through it. Oh, my! She really speaks to where I’ve been the past 2 years. She makes some great points about being “in the desert,” spiritually speaking. I like her observation that “It was when His beloved people were enslaved, broken down, crying in their despair, wondering if God had forgotten them, that He chose to make Himself known as Yahweh, ‘I AM WHO I AM.'” (p. 13)
    I hadn’t really thought about it, but it is true that God seems to reveal who He is to us during our most intense times of suffering. Maybe its because we serve a suffering Savior, and nothing builds camaraderie like shared suffering. But it’s in that time that He “wrings the worship from our hearts,” as Lauren says.
    Anyway, thanks so much for the program. Once again, I see how the Lord continues to put just the right people and resources in our paths to draw us closer to Him. Blessings!

  10. Elisa Newhof 3 years ago

    I live and work overseas in Central Asia and recently found your podcast. I’m a mom of five with my youngest just heading to kindergarten and my oldest to high school this year. Just need you to know that God has been speaking to me through each episode as I went back to the beginning last week and started listening as I work through dishes, laundry, and cleaning at home. Several times I have had to stop what I’m doing and grab a pen so that I can write down a thought to come back and process through later. I have given up a lot in the past 13 years to focus on being a mom and feel like just now this year I am being transplanted to a new pot. My husband and I lead a team of people seeking to share the truth in a dark place, and many things have changed for us this year. The root ball in my life is being broken up and untangled and I am finding myself in a new place, needing to trust the Lord with the hope that I will grow and thrive here, too. I am learning a lot about work and rest and what it means for me to focus on the “bullseye” and let Him arrange the outer circles. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord to step out and do this podcast. I have worshiped with you through your music since your Watermark days, and it is a joy to listen and learn as you share your journey.

  11. Jill Shelby 3 years ago

    I have listened to this 4 times over the past week. I just felt like there was so much packed into this podcast. The Lord really used this to speak to me and where I am at right now, especially the “transplant” illustration.

  12. Abi Coleman 3 years ago

    I have been listening to the back catalogue of podcasts when my kids are all out the house on a Monday morning as I empty my dishwasher. This episode today was a beautiful reminder to surrender to God. As a worship leader and elders wife going through a uprooting year, I found this just so encouraging – to keep God as the bullseye. Thank you ladies for being so honest.
    I really love the podcast Christy, and your christmas record is beautiful.

    Abi C. Guernsey, Channel lslands.

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