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Ep 40: Postures of the Heart Part 5
Christy Nockels

A Heart of Welcome

As we trust God with the unfolding of us, a heart of welcome opens up for the unfolding of others…. 

I’ve shared these heart postures over the years in many settings and this is always the posture that’s the most fun to talk about because it’s the most fulfilling to LIVE! Something supernatural happens when we place our trust in God for our own wants, needs and desires and even the things that we dream and plan! We freely begin to open up with lives of WELCOME that invite others into our “familiar” with our Father. Here’s to the unfolding of all of us to be what God has always intended for us to be…His life extended to the world around us. His “welcome”! I’ll talk to you soon!



  1. Anna Joujan 2 years ago

    Beautiful. Thank you for the uplifting . . . and rightly convicting podcast. Made for a motivational start to this day, as I listened in the morning before church: left me pondering how better to love those I so easily just breeze past in life. Also left me longing for a visual of that painting to go along with your lovely 40th birthday present story 🙂

  2. Christa Lange Prill 2 years ago

    Christy, Thank you so much for your “Postures of the Heart” series. I’ve slowly been making my way through them over the past month. I am so thankful for the time you put into these, how they are bathed in Scripture, and how the love of Jesus spills out of each one. I am sharing this one with a discipleship huddle I lead at my church. Thank you!!

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