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Ep 49: There’s No Place Like Home
Christy Nockels

There’s No Place Like Home

Happy Season THREE of The Glorious in the Mundane everyone! I’m so excited to jump back in with all of you this Fall! This episode is an introduction to our theme for this season. I’m affectionately calling it “There’s No Place Like Home” and we’ll let this take us all the way to the most wonderful time of the year! We’ve got some lovely guests this season that I think are going to come around this theme of “home” in a really beautiful way! In our typical, “glorious in the mundane style” we won’t stop at just the tangible aspects of home – although we will have some fun with that! We’ll actually dive into the heart of the matter, as always, exploring the home God is building FOR us and also the home He’s building IN us. I’ll be sharing some things about my own home…how I’ve learned that true home making is marrying the exterior of your home with the home inside of you! I’ll share some truths and even some fun tips that you’ll hopefully find helpful and insightful in building your own home! I hope you’ll listen in and enjoy, I’ll talk to you soon!

– Christy


  1. April Southerland 1 year ago

    Did I miss some episodes? The last one I downloaded was 42…and this one is 49?

    • Matthew Guice 1 year ago

      Yes! The summer episodes were only available to our Patreon members….. if you’d like to be a patron of the podcast check out Patreon.com/christynockels.

  2. Chona V Saco 1 year ago

    Hello Ms Christy! Love to hear from you again. Well, definitely there is no place like home. Your home is beautiful surrounded by a joyful family. I have a home and I lived with my mama, 2nd bro and older sister. My home is different from you. You have your story. I have my story too. Woohoo… After all, we have the same FAITH. I believe GOD and I accepted HIM as my personal savior. Thank you. I enjoyed your talks. God bless!

  3. Nikki Fuller 12 months ago

    What was Aimee’s last name who made the sign Keepers branch for the Nockels family?

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