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Ep 52: A Heart Turned Towards Home
November 7, 2018 Christy Nockels

Episode 52 – A Heart Turned Towards Home – Featuring Molley Moody

Happy November Y’all! I’m so excited about today’s episode because you’re going to get to hear from my dear friend Molley Moody – she’s not just a guest today because she’ll be with us on our Night of Hope A Family Christmas tour or the fact that she’s just released a beautiful album called Heart Songs – of course all of those things are wonderful things that I want you to know about! She’s a guest today because Jesus is a trusted Builder who restores people’s lives! I’ve watched Molley rise up in her calling over the last few years and so much of that has happened because she chose to place her heart in the hands of Jesus. You’re going to hear about how Jesus restored some very broken places in her heart and has continually walked with her into freedom and wholeness in so many beautiful ways. You’ll hear her share about her prayer process in combating lies and fears and how she’s learned to invite Jesus in to help her daily believe truth in those places. You’re also going to hear one of her new songs called “Turnin’ Around” that she and I actually co-wrote together! I so hope you enjoy hearing Molley’s beautiful Jesus-story of freedom and restoration. I’ll talk to you soon!


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  1. Chona V Saco 11 months ago

    Hi there! I’ve learned a lot of Ms Molly. Yeah, I have thought of that too, the one she’s talking on podcast. Hey! You’re not alone. Insecurities made us feel insignificant. When I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. I disregard all the negative thoughts and what people said about me. Sure, Jesus is not finished with us yet. Ms Christy your friend has her own journey. I have mine too. Every time, I feel defeated by the enemy. I always bear in mind. JESUS IS NOT FINISHED WITH ME YET AND I READ MY NLT BIBLE. I listened to Christian music and talked to Jesus. Somehow, I feel better and I truly believe in HIM regardless of my expectation. Or if my future looks uncertain. After all, we would vanish in this earth. I better choose JESUS than Satan.

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