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Ep 54: Home, Home on the Road
Matthew Guice

Episode 54 – Home, Home on the Road – Featuring Ginna Claire Mason

So excited about today’s episode! I’m calling it “Home, Home on the Road” and today we’ll be reminded that because God is a home for us and He’s building His home IN us…we are agents of CHANGE for the world around us! My sweet new friend, Ginna Claire Mason  will be joining me today for this episode! She has just finished a 20 month tour with the Broadway Musical “Wicked” and knows a thing or two about finding a sense of home…home on the road. She truly embodies this beautiful theme of home and has been such a blessing to me in just the short time I’ve known her! I’m excited for you to meet her and I pray that you’re encouraged and that your faith gets built up for how God wants to use YOU as you hear her story! You know, it wasn’t until I really sat down and started preparing for this podcast that God whispered in even another layer of experiencing home on the road…it has a little something to do with that whole “agents of change” thing and I’m excited for you to hear about it and be encouraged by it! I’ll talk to you soon!


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  1. Chona V Saco 1 year ago

    Hello there!

    Wow!!! I’ve listened to you and your guest for today’s podcast. Kinda of long talks… Haha… I enjoyed listening and at the same on the other hand, I played Mario games on my mini computer. It’s interesting like multi tasking. Whew?

    Good for her in God’s grace she found her niche in the musicals.

    Nice to see your beautiful tree pic on here.

    Your fan from the Philippines. xoxoChona

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