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Ep 55: A Better Home
Christy Nockels

Episode 55 – A Better Home – Featuring Myquillyn Smith

NEW PODCAST TODAY! “A Better Home” is the title of today’s episode as we wrap up an amazing year together! We’ll dive into the heart of the home together and how sharing what we’ve been given can be true for anyone, in any economy, anywhere in the world! With eternity in our hearts, we’re both looking for a better home and a better country, all the while displaying it here in our own hearts! You’ll get to hear from the lovely Myquillyn Smith @thenester and her heart on sharing what we’ve been given and allowing our homes to be the backdrop for caring for others! I’ll share about our Georgia home being featured in Better Homes and Gardens as well as Country Living. (The photos here are from the BHG feature back in the October 2014 issue!) This is the last podcast for the year! I’m so grateful for all of you who have listened to the podcast this year, even those of you who are just getting started and catching up! You’ve made my life so rich with your kind words and your support and most of all, by sharing how God has spoken to you through it all! Much love to you! I’ll talk to you soon!


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  1. Chona V Saco 1 year ago

    Hello Ms Christy!

    Well, you have a beautiful home and it featured on magazines. Cool.

    My family will renovate the old wooden big house maybe next year or for the coming years to come. I’m excited but I’m more excited if I can have my own place with my guy.

    So at least, I can design what would be my house like. My guy buys a house of his own. Wide backyard and a nice, not so big house. I prefer just a house not too big nor too small.

    If God allows us to live together to his country, well would love it. My dream is to own my own house.

    Thank you for the talks together with your guest for today’s podcast.

    I will keep updating for another episode next month. That would be new year too. Wow, how time flies swiftly.

    I find your talks interesting.
    Keep it up!


    Love, Chona of the Philippines

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