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Ep 56: Come Magnify The Lord With Me
Christy Nockels

Episode 56 – Come Magnify The Lord With Me  

NEW PODCAST TODAY! I’m SO excited to re-launch #thegloriousinthemundane podcast after a much needed break in January and am feeling refreshed to be back! I’m so excited to hone in on this theme of “Come Magnify the Lord with Me” –  I love the invitation of Psalm 34:3, “oh magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” Essentially, David is saying, “come join me in blessing the Lord.” What does it look like to bless the Lord? What happens in terms of our own blessing when we learn to bless him? I love that the Psalms are like this songbook of our identity as the people of God. We’re invited to respond both personally and corporately and I’m learning that both responses are essential in the life of the believer. I hope you’ll join me on this personal, worship journey for the next several months! It’s going to be beautiful!



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