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Ep 57: I Lift My Hands to You
Christy Nockels

Episode 57 – I Lift My Hands to You 

I’m so loving this theme, “Come Magnify the Lord With Me” as it’s reminding me that we are all MADE to worship. There’s something in us, deep down, that craves connection with God. It’s natural that we all desire the blessing of God on us and we even deeply need ministry from Him, we are human! Do I believe God blesses us and ministers to us? YES! But, there’s also something that we offer in worship that’s unique to WHO we are and that blesses and ministers to God in the most beautiful way! I was telling a friend of mine this week about the first time that I ever lifted my hands in worship. As I was talking about it, I realized that I lifted my hands to Him during a season of my life where He was bringing true restoration to some very broken things that my family had experienced. I was only 17. But I realized that lifting my hands in the moment was a very appropriate response, the more my friend and I talked about it. It was a present response, and we’ll even talk about this episode, that it was a biblical response. My prayer is that you’ll come alive as the worshiper that you were MADE to be as we learn what it looks like to magnify the Lord together! I’ll talk to you soon!



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