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Ep 64: Prayers of the Beloved
Christy Nockels

Episode 64 – Prayers of the Beloved

Today is Part One of the “Prayers of the Beloved” that still settles well inside of our overall theme this Fall of enduring in a withering world! We’ve been building on the foundation of drawing near to the One who endures forever and I’d love for us to come around what it looks like to communicate in both awe and intimacy, with the Lord. We will talk about the boldness of the Beloved, that our confidence in His presence is built out from our identity as His children! Part One will lay a foundation for us in what it looks like to marry the head and the heart in prayer as well as experience the wonder and the “with-ness” (I just made that word up!) of our Father! We will explore what it looks like to “pray without ceasing” – maybe it’s a little more practical for our mundane than we’d expect! Grateful to dive in and LEARN more about prayer along with you! I’ll talk to you soon!

– Christy


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