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Ep 11: Mini Me

Hello and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane! Today you’re going to experience what I have affectionally been calling a “Mini Me” – that means today is a shorter episode and it’s just me! As I shared on the episode a few weeks ago, this is kind of my book at this point in my life! I have stories that I’d love to to share from life, marriage, motherhood, ministry and I figure, why not? I think it’s a gift that we can spread Truth and our Jesus stories around for all to hear and I want to take full of advantage of it!

Today you’ll hear me share more about living from your our true selves and what it means for us and honestly, what it means for other people around us! You’ll hear the story behind a song very near and dear to my heart called “For Your Splendor”. I pray that you are encouraged right where you are today to live from your true self…even the broken places of your story…so that you might see others! You have so much more to offer than you even realize!

Enjoy and have a glorious day!


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