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Ep 13: She Reads Truth

Welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! I am thrilled to be talking with She Reads Truth today! You’ll hear me around the table with my new friends Raechel Meyers and Amanda Bible Willams as we celebrate their first BOOK released this week! These two gals are actually home-girls too – by that I mean that we all live in the same city and I’ve also enjoyed getting to be on the road this year with them for the Lifeway Women’s Event called Abundance! We’re going to be in Frisco, TX this month so if you’re in Texas, come see us!  Today you’ll get to hear how Raechel and Amanda became a team and what it has looked like to work together and really create break-through resources for women, men and now kids as well! Learn all about it in today’s conversation around the table with She Reads Truth!

Check out the She Reads Truth Book Launch Party Live Stream on October 5th at 6:30 PM CST!

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