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Ep 24: Kay Warren

Hello all you Beautiful People! Welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast. I’m so happy to be dropping an episode in the merry month of May! It’s great to connect with you, I’ve missed it!

If you listened to my last podcast where I told you I’d be pausing for awhile because something was stirring in me…today you’ll get to hear how sometimes we get hit by what feels like a freight train right after we announce that something is stirring in us!

All in all it can only mean that the Lord doesn’t mind, in fact, He seems to prefer us in a place of utter dependency on Him as something begins to stir. In order to create, to move forward, to grow….like the Peonies that finally appeared in my flower bed just in time for Mother’s Day week…I’ve learned that our frailty attracts His majesty. It’s an invitation for Him to come in and BE ALL to us and through us. Today you’ll get to hear the lovely Kay Warren talk about that very frailty…but what a sacred privilege it is to partner with God in bringing His Kingdom to earth…as His strength is made perfect in our weakness.


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