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Ep 25: Build My Life

Hello all you beautiful people and welcome to The Glorious in the Mundane podcast – season 2! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back with you as we have some beautiful “stirrings” to share as this season unfolds! Today will be a moment for us to reflect on the wonder of summer and the posture it brings and how we can intentionally carry that wonder and that posture with us as we walk into all that the Autumn brings.

We’ll also dive deep into what it looks like, in the same way, to look back on our lives at the “wonder” threaded through – the ways that God has been calling to our hearts even since we were kids – and bring it back to the surface in our hearts…to look through it like a lens so we can see beyond the to-do list today, right into the glorious things that God wants us to see about Himself and even ourselves.

You’ll also get to hear a sneak peak of the song I’ll be releasing THIS FRIDAY called BUILD MY LIFE! I’ll share around how I’ve been praying and living it like a prayer lately. My hope is that it will be a song that you’ll want to sing and pray in this season of your life as well!

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