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Ep 31: Go and Tell No One

I could not be more thrilled to introduce to you today, my sis-in-love Kristin Hill who many of you know as “Amaryllis Kristin” AND who now can be called “author” as we celebrate her first bible study release “Go and Tell No One – Remember and Rest in the Secret and the Sacred.” You’ll get to hear how this message bubbled up in Kristin in the “secret place” that we talk about a lot on #thegloriousinthemundane podcast! You’ll hear her share about this amazing invitation to be known, understood, and even affirmed in the Secret and Sacred as you walk with Him and dig deeper still into His Word. What I love about this study is that you’ll learn HOW to study the Bible for yourself in a really practical and uncomplicated way! You’ll also hear the story behind the song “All That is To Come” from #beheld – another weighty prayer that has lingered in my heart for some time now…learning to trust God with my past, my current “tension” and my “all that is to come”.

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