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Ep 32: When Mystery Brings Clarity

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this one as you hit the road to visit family this week! I’m so excited to introduce to you today, my brother Eric Hill from withyou ministries as we talk about what it looks like to truly rest and remember that God is WITH US and how He calls us to step into the “mystery” of trusting that Him being with us is actually ENOUGH. Eric is one of my favorite humans! Yes, he’s my brother but he’s also a kindred spirit and a very dear friend. I am so excited for you to hear from someone who has inspired MANY songs (and has even co-written some with me!) on my journey and has really been one of THE most influential people in my life through the years. Eric has helped the gospel come ALIVE in my life in both creative and memorable ways! Eric will be joining Nathan Nockels and I on the Night of Hope Christmas tour coming up in just a few weeks! We hope you’ll join us for it, it’s going to be an incredibly special and memorable night! All info for the tour dates on https://christynockels.com Enjoy!


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