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Ep 35: Postures of the Heart Part I

Today I’ll update you on what’s been going on with my health journey that I posted it about a few weeks ago and why I’ve been kind of laying low! It has been just that, a journey, and I’m trusting with every day that God knows exactly what is going on! In the meantime, I’m SO happy to be back at the podcast! This is a series that I have wanted to do for a really long time called “The Posture of the Heart” and I’m so excited to dive into it together! Just like the concentric circles and the “bullseye” that I’ve shared about before, there’s an order to how we posture our hearts before God that gives way for MORE in our lives. But first we must start with the consecrated heart…a heart completely surrendered to Him no matter what is or isn’t on the horizon. I’ll share how having to trust God totally with my health these past few months has caused me to land on this first posture… I hope wherever you are at in your own journey that God uses this to speak to you today in a really powerful way! I’ll talk to you soon!


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