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Ep 41: Special Guest Lauren Tomlin

Special Guest – Lauren Tomlin

Today is a beautiful reminder that before we are a wife or a mama, we are a daughter with an invitation to take God up on all that He has for us, if we’ll just choose to step into it with Him. 

Today is actually our Mother’s Day episode, but PLEASE don’t pass it up just because you are not a Mama! There’s something for EVERYONE in today’s episode! Today is actually one of my favorite interviews that I’ve gotten to do, to date! You’re going to get to hear from my beautiful friend Lauren Tomlin whom I’ve actually mentioned several times on this podcast before! She’s married to my friend Chris Tomlin and theirs is a story that has been incredible to watch unfold over the years. Married later in life, Lauren opens up about the invitation that marriage and parenthood has been to engage their hearts deeply with the Father. She is so transparent about accepting God’s invitation in it all, even through a lot of pain and trial, but how it’s changed the way they live with and love each other and their two beautiful daughters. Lauren and I teared up several times throughout this interview as we’d recognize some “full circle” moments and could clearly see the hand of God and His faithfulness right in front of us! Don’t miss this one! I’ll talk to you soon!


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