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Ep 42: How Can it be Time Already

How Can It Be Time Already?

Big dreams are often best cultivated by simply sowing into small ones first and being “made in the secret”…

Today we’re going to talk about what it looks like to cultivate the smaller reach of our lives instead of being overwhelmed that we’re not making a “huge impact”… Maybe we have big dreams for the future but what if instead of running after the the big thing, we spend time cultivating the smaller reach of our lives, weaving it strong and true. I’m going to introduce you to my niece @adelinehillmusic today who is pursuing a music career in the mainstream and let me tell you, the girl has something to SAY.  I’ve gotten the privilege of getting to mentor Adeline since she was very young and I’ve watched her choose to be “made in the secret” when the doors weren’t quite opening yet. I’ve watched her cultivate the smaller reach of her life that has afforded her friendships and experiences she’ll carry for a lifetime. Her new song, “How Can It Be Time Already” is about realizing it’s already time to fly the nest but it’s been beautiful to watch it kind of sneak up on her, those of us who have been watching her closely! All that time being formed in the secret has paid off and it’s been sweet to watch her rise up in her gift! You will LOVE hearing from her heart, don’t miss it! AND…THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE for Season Two BUT REMEMBER you can join me for the summer on PATREON for my Summer in the Psalms series…Living a Life of Worship in the Middle of the Mundane, we’d love to have you join us!


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