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Ep 60: Taste and See with Margaret Feinberg

Episode 60 – Taste and See with Margaret Feinberg 

 It’s so sweet to be back with you on The Glorious in the Mundane podcast today! Today’s episode is called “Taste and See” as a part of our “Come Magnify the Lord with Me” series. I love this thought of magnifying the Lord together over the bounty of food. I know that food can be a touchy subject and isn’t it just like the enemy to make it a “thing” because all in all, God MADE IT A THING! It’s HIS THING and it’s FOR US in a big and beautiful way. Enjoy a conversation today with the brilliant, Margaret Freiburg as she takes us on a journey of savoring Christ through tasting and seeing that He is good and He is ENOUGH. I pray that today’s episode encourages you to stop and savor, to perceive and respond, to TASTE and SEE that God is abundant and He’s inviting you to LIVE from all that He is!


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