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Ep 61: The Message in the Middle

Episode 61 – The Message in the Middle

 I’m so excited to be back for some special episodes this Fall! The Lord gave me this theme, “The Message in the Middle” and it started as something personal but then I realized that it’s really for all of us! If you’re anything like me, you might be trying to figure out – right about now – what it looks like to live purposely and intentionally inside of this withering world around us. What does it look like to remain faithful in the middle of it all? Here between the now and the not yet. Our spiritual reality is that we are in the middle of a war! What does it look like for us to steadily stand in the middle of it all? I’m realizing more and more that it is not only good, but vital, that we remind each other to stand firm, to remain, to stay…to last! But how do we do that? Listen in as we huddle up and remember how to draw near to the only One who lasts forever! You will also get to hear from my brother Eric Hill and his beautiful wife, Kristin (Amaryllis Kristin!) from @withyouministries as they talk about their beautiful new book called “The First Breakfast”. We’ve read all about the intimacy of The Last Supper and all that it symbolizes for us…Christ’s sacrifice that would change everything! But oh how beautiful, because of His great sacrifice, to come around the new beginning of His Resurrection! The First Breakfast is about the redemptive, merciful morning when Jesus offers breakfast on the beach as a way of showing that He has made all things new! I hope you’ll “come and have breakfast” with us as we draw near to Jesus together! I’ll talk to you soon!

Check out the Kristin and Eric’s book called “The First Breakfast” here!

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