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Ep 7: Audrey Assad

Hello and welcome to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast! Today, you’ll get to hear some random thoughts around Sabbath and what that has meant to me lately both as a state of mind and literally physically learning how to HAVE as Sabbath each week. Having an actual Sabbath puts this whole “Bullseye living” thing in a whole new light! You’ll hear about our family putting it to practice this past Sunday…just a little glorious humor for your mundane today.

You’ll also hear about a little adventure that I recently embarked on with a couple of friends and how God showed up and surprised me in the sweetest way. And I’m also thrilled to play a song today on the podcast! I promise to do more of this in the future, including my own songs, but today you will get to hear what I think is one of the most beautiful songs ever! It was written by two friends of mine, Bryan Brown and today’s guest, Audrey Assad! Audrey is a singer, songwriter, worship leader, wife, mom and entrepreneur. She’s an independent artist like myself now but has recently started her own record label with her husband and is totally killing it. (Mom, that means she’s doing amazing!)

I hope you enjoy hearing her honesty and transparency about everything in her life but particularly about becoming a mom. It’s truly insightful and beautiful. If you didn’t know Audrey before this, I hope this makes you a fan! Enjoy!

Link to audreyassad.com

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