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Season 4 Ep 4: Those Who Look to Him // Psalm 119

I have to say that God moved my heart in a really sweet way in the making of this episode, so much that it surprised me! Today we’ll talk about what it looks like to hold both sides of the tension of “clinging to the dust and clinging to the testimonies of God” all at the same time! Thankfully, the singer of Psalm 119 set a beautiful tone for us, that we are able to be honest with God, opening up before Him everyday about where we truly are! The power of the Gospel is that we don’t have to have it all together! Living the Christian life is not about mustering up the strength to stand on our own two feet, it’s all about getting to rest in and fall on Jesus! This was a timely word for me and I hope God uses it to meet you right where you are today! I’ll talk to you soon!

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