Season 4 Episode 14 // Those Who Look to Him – Psalm 119

OK. THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE PODCAST EVER! I believe that this episode will truly ENCOURAGE your heart of how much God cares about you and loves you! We need to be faithful to TESTIFY of His goodness and His faithfulness to each other! 

I’m so delighted that I got to sit down with my sweet friends Melinda Mayton and Tammi Dryden as we share about Blue Skies Ministries 💙 and how God is near to the broken-hearted. One of the ways He does that—I’m convinced—is that He uses the hands and feet of Christ—that’s us!—as we come together to serve and love from His heart! Don’t miss this one… it’s a KEEPER! I’ll talk to you soon!

If you’d like to give to blue skies, you can find more info on their website.  

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