Season 4 Episode 15 // Those Who Look to Him – Psalm 119

Well, I’m marveling at God all over again! It’s amazing, when we are faithful to open His Word, He will show us something new and life giving over and over. His Word never returns empty! I sensed it again today as I recorded this and even paused for a “response” moment for us to just stop and open our hands and hearts to God! I’m excited to welcome back my friend Margaret Feinberg to the podcast! I truly mean it when I say that I’m excited for you to hear about her new devotional called “More Power To You: Declarations to Break Free from Fear and Take Back Your Life!” We’ve talked about this a lot on this podcast, that there’s power in confessing, even out loud, who God is and who we are because of who He is! You’re going to love hearing how these declarations help us combat lies that we don’t even know that we’ve made full-on agreements with in this life! There IS freedom in confessing these agreements and declaring the truth of God’s Word over our lives everyday! I’ll talk to you soon! 


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