Season 4 Episode 19 // Those Who Look to Him – Psalm 119

LAST PODCAST OF THE YEAR! Are you needing a moment to stop and breathe and remember what’s true of God and therefore true of you? If so, this episode is for YOU! As we finish the beautifully complex Psalm 119 together, we will actually take a minute to pray through it with the Lord (while my husband @nathannockels plays music that will lift our perspective!) We will not only seek the face of God together this Christmas, but we will also ask the Lord—as the singer of Psalm 119 does—that He might seek us in these days! What a beautiful gift and invitation to slip underneath the door of God’s heart this Christmas, “God, I give you permission to seek me!” All in all, may you be reminded of the relentless, purifying and fiery love of God over you! I’ll talk to you soon!

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