Season 5 Episode 12 // Everything is Mine in You

NEW PODCAST TODAY! I had THE most beautiful time getting to catch up with the lovely @ellieholcomb today on the podcast! As you know I’ve been inviting friends and family to “co-host” with me during this season as a way of celebrating my new book The Life You Long For: Learning to Live From a Heart of Rest. Today we jump into one of my FAVORITE chapters in the book called “Everything is Mine in You” named after a song that Ellie and I wrote together the day we first met! It comes around the truth of 1 Corinthians 3 where Paul urges us to not boast in human leaders because “All things are ours in Christ!” What a truth to declare, even when we stand and ponder circumstances that seem impossible to overcome! We can thank Jesus today, that in Him, everything is ours today. Not earthly things, but Kingdom promises!

You are going to LOVE hearing from the beloved Ellie Holcomb as we also talk about what’s going on in her world, including her new (gorgeous) song CANYON which is out now!! Lastly – if you’d like to get tickets or more info for the faithful livestream on May 1st you can find the link here! We’ll talk to you soon!

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