Season 5 Episode 15 // Always Remember to Never Forget

NEW PODCAST TODAY! This was a little bit of an emotional process for me in getting this episode into your hands! Today we will come around the very last chapter in my new book The Life You Long For: Learning to Live from a Heart of Rest. The chapter we’ll look at is “Always Remember to Never Forget.” Whether you’ve heard my song titled this or read this chapter, I think today’s episode on this still stands alone! I think there’s no better time to remember together what I call “The Seven Wonders of the Beloved” in this chapter, which are the who, whose, when, where, how, what and why of our lives. 

These are prodding answers in the form of questions that help us remember who and whose we are so that we can stand faithfully in our “when”—knowing full-well “where” we are in Christ—so that we can be about the how, what and why or our day and our lives! I’ll be signing off for the summer with this episode. I hope it finds you holding fast to JESUS in these days. Much love and I’ll talk to you soon!


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