Season 6 Episode 7 // Psalm 27

This Psalm is so near and dear to my heart! In fact, Nathan and I wrote a song based around this Psalm when we were still just dating. David models for us in this passage what it looks like to take refuge in God and let Him hide us and heal us but he’s also showing us something so important to pursue during seasons of hardship! I think there are so many ways that we can respond in painful seasons. There’s always plenty to complain about, lots of drama to post on social media and tons of ways that we can focus on ourselves as we’re trying to figure out what’s going to happen next! Thankfully, we have the Word of God over us today! It offers us LIFE and along with that life it offers us actual HELP in times of trouble. Thank You, Jesus! I love that David shows us HOW to actively wait on God and how to not waste the hardship! He models what to go after and what to be about and focus on when we don’t know what else to do! This passage is pure gold! I’ll talk to you soon!


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