Season 6 Episode 8 // Psalm 91

SURPRISE!! BRAND NEW EPISODE TODAY! I decided to jump in and end our Psalms for Summer’s End series in REAL TIME and to say “HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF FALL, Y’ALL!” 

Today you’ll get an exciting update on the MUSIC and the PODCAST series that’s coming your way this fall! We’ll also come around Psalm 91 together, which is a very tender Psalm for me, as we prayed it over our son, Noah, even before he was born! You’ll even get to hear about the “Rite of Passage” ceremony we held for Noah when he turned 13 and how we’re still seeing the themes threaded through his life from that time! 

Most importantly, we’ll remember the strong refuge that is our Almighty God! There is protection and provision for those who take refuge in Him! I’ll talk to you soon!


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