Family Christmas in July

Just a few weeks ago we had the rare privilege of hosting my family at our home… We were two cousins shy of the whole gang, (Coleman and Grayson we missed you!) but it was still so rare to have most of us in one place!

Nockels Family picture

This gang included my parents from Oklahoma, who started it all of course, Lynn & Susan Hill, then my oldest brother Shaun from Arkansas, with his wife Hannah and two of his four sons, Miles and Preston. Then there’s the middle child, Eric, and his wife, Kristin, and their 3 girls Adeline, Julia and Lily Claire, and then I’m the baby and the only girl (and my husband Nathan puts up with me because of that) and our three children Noah, Ellie and Annie Rose loved having their family so much…it was like a dream!

It was also dreamy that it fell around the time that we could create a track for the whole family to sing on for the Christmas album! I was raised with music blaring through the house most days. My dad was a worship pastor before he was a teaching pastor and my mother has taught piano all of my life and is the one who taught me to sing harmonies as a child. Some of our most special memories growing up were the times of worship that we had at our home church or even at home through the years. I’m so grateful that my parents have always had a love for music and for worship…I often say that they were my first worship leaders!

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So, I know that when all of us gathered around the microphone that night in late July, my Dad’s heart was about to explode! It was evident as tears ran down his face as his children and grandchildren stood together to proclaim as a family “O Come Let Us Adore Him”… I wondered what that might be like someday…seeing all of my own children, married with children, serving God faithfully and singing praises to Him as families. This is a deep, treasure that we’ll never forget. It felt like heaven in the little studio that night…just a touch of what we’ll all experience as one BIG family in Heaven one day…

studio at night