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Ep. 1: The Glorious In The Mundane – Introduction
Christy Nockels

Well, as I mentioned on Instagram, I couldn’t be more giddy about the launch of this podcast! It has been a long time dream of mine to make this happen, one that I hadn’t mentioned to very many people. I honestly didn’t think it was a possibility for me so it’s just so exciting to actually see it unfold! I want to thank my husband Nathan for encouraging me from the moment I breathed out the idea and to my manager, Matt Guice for literally carrying it into fruition. I’m every grateful.

In this segment you’ll be able to listen to the story behind the theme, how it all came about several years ago and why it has burned on my heart all of these years. Any time I get to teach, I usually teach on it because it’s something that I find that most everyone can relate to… We all sense that we are made for more and we have dreams and plans for Kingdom things but often we work from a place of exhaustion because we’re ultimately looking to ourselves and our performance to keep ourselves “on the map” in terms of relevance, culture and spirituality. I’d love to share just from my own experience and honestly, my own failure at times to trust God through the years as my Provider…but how God really got a hold of me several years ago and changed my mentality and honestly how I think and process “big things” and how I see the seemingly small things in a whole different way.

What you’ll find in “The Glorious in the Mundane” podcast is a segment from me each time, sharing around this theme, then we’ll dive in with some very special people along the way to see what’s going on in their world but to also come around this theme in their own stories in some ways.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I am! Thank you so much for tuning in…

Talk to you soon,



  1. Tracie Layne 3 years ago

    God’s timing is perfect. I needed to hear this in this season. I’m from Nashville/Brentwood Tn and had been a Worship Leader for 10 years before my family was moved to Maryland. It was a quick move and left me spinning. I’m now home with my 12 yr old full time. I’m so grateful for that and yet I still look back thinking, “wow, sometimes I really miss the way things were.” I know God has called me to this season. I’ve been looking for the “Glorious in the Mundane”. Thank you for your ministry to me, to us all.

  2. Amy Meng 3 years ago

    I love this Christy!!! Right, exactly where I am at. As a mom, worship pastor, songwriter, wife, friend. Such a perfect gift for my heart to hear your process and be encouraged. Thank you for this. ❤️ Can’t wait to be on the journey with you in this!

  3. Jackie 3 years ago

    Working grandma. (Today is grandma day). You have inspired this life of worship longer than you know. Twenty plus years ago I sang give me one pure and holy passion while cleaning the little boy pee off the floor around the toilet.
    You inspired me to serve as a door holder at passion. Not missing the crowd while serving on the hidden away 24/7 prayer team.
    God has used you before this podcast to enCOURAGE lives of worship. Grateful

  4. Cory Lynne Myers 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for adding this to the queue of your life and ministry. I am so blessed to be a listener and learner at your feet, Christy.

  5. Laura DeGarmo Hall 3 years ago

    Thank you Christy, I’m totally in the season raising 3 little ones, and just recently sensed God asking me to lay down some dreams and be present in my family. Laying those dreams down is a painful process, because I think my identity has been wrapped up in them too much. I’m learning God doesn’t love me for what I can do for him, he loves me because I am simply his child. So I’m laying dreams down, giving my best to my husband and 3 children and those daily mundane tasks that require faithful obedience. My attitude isn’t always the greatest, but I know God is working on me, putting the pieces together, one at time, to form the tapestry he has planned for my life. I was encouraged by your podcast just now, thanks for being God’s messenger today, right on time! ❤️

  6. Wes 3 years ago

    Thank you, Christy! I’ve spent the past 2 years in recovery from losing my dream. It’s been amazing to me how the Lord has put just the right people and resources in my path, bringing my closer to Him. (And I have to say that the “Let it Be Jesus” CD played a huge part in that!) I’m anxious to follow these podcasts.

  7. Carla Carter 3 years ago

    Thank you Christy! LOVE hearing your heart! I’ve shared it with my two daughters and my two daughters in love. God is using you sweet girl! Love to you always! Carla (Arnold) Carter

  8. E Haley 3 years ago

    <3 I love hearing your sweet voice, whether it's singing or speaking.
    I love that you're doing this. Be blessed, as you are a blessing to

  9. Deborah Spencer 3 years ago

    Christy, I echo Jackie’s heart–I worshipped with you while picking Cheerios up off the floor (for the thousandth time!!) It is so beautiful to hear your own heart, and to know of your journey. I too left a thriving career (in law) two decades ago to raise three beautiful boys, and it was hard in some ways. But I’ll never regret it, and now God is cracking open the pages of a new chapter as I begin work with a nonprofit. May God bless you richly–I look forward to future podcasts.

  10. Janie Sellers Hoskins 3 years ago

    Christy, several years ago I heard you lead worship in Little Rock, Arkansas and you talked about finding the glorious in the mundane. You described your life as a mom of 3 and writing songs by singing into the voice recorder of your phone. This idea struck a chord with me and I actually began a blog myself titled, The Miraculously Mundane. I took this idea of finding God in the small things of my life and let Him teach me through it. This past year we welcomed our 3rd child and things have been hard to manage. I have felt stress and pressure like never before. I have felt, as you said, not present. I listed to your podcast today and wept. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I need to begin to search for God in the small ways again. I have also been struggling with what God has for me in the season and it was so encouraging to hear how you trusted God and He came through in some big ways. Thank you for all you do. Your openness and willingness to be used by God has impacted me in so many ways.

    • Singerinkitchen 3 years ago

      Wow, So glad I am reading these comments! So many women in the same stage in life. Been feeling alone in all of it. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Jen Haugland 3 years ago

    Thank you, Christy. It is so encouraging to hear your words at this time. I appreciate your heart and the way you have stepped out in faith to start this podcast. I look forward to hearing so much more. You are a blessing to my heart.

  12. Jess Hammond 3 years ago

    Thanks Christy for this beautiful podcast. It has been a great thing to look forward to while on maternity leave :). Loving the guests but most of all love hearing more of your story and the gems and wisdom amidst it all. Very encouraging. Blessings on you!

  13. Jenny Jacobson Elliott 3 years ago

    I cannot get enough!!! I am a mama of 5, the youngest two are adopted twins from Haiti – so I’m back at home 🙂 the oldest is almost 16 – just like Noah. You’ve been one of my mentors from afar – all of these years. As a worship leader for nearly 20 years – I’ve sung so many of your songs – and have always known they are great – because of the bullseye 🙂 you may have gotten it in a more profound way lately – but your heart for Jesus has always been so pure – so beautiful. Your podcast has done the following for me: caused me to lay down a great job out of obedience, has encouraged us to take a sabbath – a real one – today, has so encouraged me in this new little season, has made me realize my dreams might just be in that book getting taken off the shelf and dusted off, and has just drawn me ever closer to the feet of my Father. THANK YOU! (And I’ve never done this comment thing before and have no idea if it will work!!! Hope so! Just so appreciative and excited to hear your (spoken) voice and had to tell you so!!)

  14. Jessica Calvarese 12 months ago

    I am a little late in finding your podcasts. However, I think it is just God bringing me to them in His timing! Thank you SO much for sharing this and for sharing your heart and allowing others to share theirs. I have only listened to two so far. This one and one from Novemeber 2018 and they were just what I needed to hear. I plan on listening to more. Thank you once again!

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