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Dear Worship Leader

So, I don’t just step up to the mic these days and belt out a song, it’s done with a lot of fear and trembling. Partly because it’s super vulnerable and partly because in a post-truth culture, it’s no small thing for any of us to belt out what we believe to be TRUTH. Especially, standing here in the soil of such a broken world.

I’m truly so excited to release “In Every Way”, a song that I wrote with my friend Jason Ingram just a few months ago. If I had to narrow down my deepest passion in life, it’s to communicate with the living God and to help others know that they can to. My hope is that this new song gives fresh language, in these days, for us to draw near to God and tell him what our hearts long to say.

I welled up with tears a few times while recording this vocal. I don’t know about you, but everywhere I turn there seems to be pain, suffering and confusion. My heart is heavy for friends who have been walking through unimaginable circumstances. As we worship, we hold the tension of acknowledging what’s broken but in the same breath, proclaiming PRAISE to our God who was, and is, and always will be God – from everlasting to everlasting.

The verses of this song sets up the truth that He IS God and the chorus gives us the chance to acknowledge it again “It’s who You are, You never change…it’s who You are, in every way”. The bridge is the one I cried through the most, it says “I know, You do all things well!” That’s a proclamation, right in the middle of all of our complicated plot lines. It’s also TRUST, right in the midst of our biggest questions.

We believe it God, we acknowledge You. You are God and You do all things well.


As the sun begins to rise
In that moment, You are God
In the darkness of the night
Even then, You are God
In the depths, in the heights
You remain, You are God
Give me breath, give me life
And I will say You are God

It’s who You are
You never change
You never change
You never change
It’s who you are
In every way
In every way
In every way

You have shown me Your goodness
I have seen it with my eyes
In my greatest disappointment
You have never left my side
You are fighting every battle
In my weakness You are strong
In every step, You are faithful
In every season, You are God!

I know, You do all things well
I know, You do all things well
I know, You do all things well
I know, You do all things well

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