In the very midst of the myriad of created wonders all around us, we have almost unknowingly lost the capacity to wonder. If the Holy Spirit should come again upon us as in earlier times, visiting church congregations with the sweet but fiery breath of Pentecost, we would be greater Christians and holier souls. Beyond that, we would also be greater poets and greater artists and greater lovers of God and of His universe. —A.W. Tozer

perspectiveSome glorious for your mundane today… Some heavenly perspective mixed with some random earthly mementos (brought to you by the letter N, a few sacred hearts and the tiny, clay elephant that Annie Rose made last year) in hopes to inspire you today that there’s more…more than these moments we create.

There are actual glorious and deeply meaningful moments happening in the holiest places of Heaven. Right now. That’s the mystery isn’t it? That is the goal. To pray that the things of Heaven would touch Earth now, today… To touch our lives, our mothering, our songs, our poetry, our photography, our cupcake making or home decorating or whatever it is you do. That the beauty we create today would be touched and filled with the presence of a Holy God and people would connect the little dots of our lives and our art to Jesus.

It’s how a table top full of what one might see as junk reminds me that He invited me into something greater when He called me by name. That I’m royal priesthood yet still like clay in His hands… That He put in me the need to collect ideas and create something out of them all so He might get inside of it and make it glorious and make Himself shine.

Holy Spirit of God move on us to make us great at what we do but most of all make us lovers of YOU Jesus.