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This Is Your Invitation to Live as the Beloved

All too often, we find our priorities driven by a belief that what we do defines our value, both to God and to others. As we invest our days in building things that feel urgent and important to us, we risk missing out on the joy of being built ourselves by God into His perfect design.

What if hustling our way through life, doing a lot for God, is actually holding us back from what God truly wants from us?

Drawing on her own experience of relearning her true identity as God’s Beloved, worship leader Christy Nockels calls us to empowering surrender in The Life You Long For. With exquisite imagery and rich biblical insights, she shows us the path of deep soul transformation, which is illuminated by the matchless love of God.

Along the way, we will not only experience the contentment that we long for, but we’ll also find new ways of engaging with our community and living into our fullest capacity out of His strength working in and through us.

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Christy Nockels

Christy Nockels is a worship leader and singer-songwriter with a passion for writing and speaking. Her podcast, The Glorious in the Mundane, inspires listeners to find the wonder of God at work in their everyday moments. Christy has released seven solo albums with sixstepsrecords and her independent label, Keeper’s Branch Records. Previously, she toured nationwide with her husband, Nathan, as the duo Watermark, recording seven #1 radio singles and five acclaimed albums. She also served on the worship team at Passion City Church in Atlanta and has participated in Passion Conferences since its inception. She lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband and their three children.

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The Life You Long For

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“Beloved, the highest call on your life—above any personal passion or pursuit—is to be loved by God and take your place as His child.”


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